June 13, 2012

Sewing Machine

I hit up the other antique store in town yesterday during lunch. When I say "antique" store, I mean antique/junk/Avon. Somehow they all work together to create a great place to spend a lunch hour!

The best deals come when you aren't looking for them. Or....have no money to spend, even on a great deal. In this case, I had the money.

$25 for this baby!

(Please excuse the blurriness. For whatever reason, my work computer does not like to save pics as jpeg and I'm not bored enough to want to sit and figure it out.)

It came with its user manual, a storage box containing extra feet, and some other doohickey thing that I haven't figured out the use for. Maybe some kind of guide to help you measure and sew a straight line?

I may even paint the table and legs. The front opens up like a door and has a little storage box on the inside.

I'm not sure what year it is. There's a serial number on it that I might try to google tonight. Then I'll sit down and read how it all works....

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  1. Great find, a sewing machine and the table! You would have so much fun with an antiques booth and following blogs really keeps you up on what is hot and selling and gives great ideas for products, let me know if you have any questions on your booth



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