March 7, 2013

diaversary & cure v. cause

This month is my diaversary. Fourteen years.


Can you tell I'm excited? I really am.


Lately here it seems like diabetes wants to take me on a different trek every. single. day. Same breakfast? Different numbers. Same activity level? Bah, let's throw some lows in there to trip her out.

I may be experiencing the burn-out that I hear so many people talk about. Because I'm tired and sick of this and stressed but trying not to be stressed because that makes my numbers worse but that just stresses me out more and just don't feel like handling it anymore, so can you please just go away now stupid-abetes?

I will say that just about the only good thing in having this stupid-abetes is the great community of people online who, between all hundreds of thousands of them out there, have gone through just about every situation imaginable. So thank you to all of you. You probably don't know me, but I know you and I appreciate you.

Now, onto this "cure" that's been in the news lately. A great big PHOOEY on you all.

PHOOEY for getting peoples hopes up.

PHOOEY for telling them "another 5-10 years."

PHOOEY for telling them to just give more money for research. (As if we don't give enough? If you corporate big-wigs believe in this so much, YOU take a paycut and YOU give moremoremore money to research. We're tapped out from buying YOUR drugs and trying to keep our heads above water for just another day.)

PHOOEY for telling them about all the hurdles you still have to overcome--like, HUGE ones! Meaning, you haven't gotten it figured out at all.

PHOOEY on all of you. I refuse to get my hopes up. I don't believe in a "cure." I believe in a CAUSE.

What is causing this increase in children and adolescents and adults and even senior adults being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?

Let's think about that. Because I promise you, it's not just random.

THEN let's think about changing the cause and PREVENTING babies and children and people from getting this stupid-abetes in the first place.