i'm following...

An American In Dublin - Because I want to spend months and months exploring the U.K. including Ireland

Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes - Because her writing style cracks me up

Blah Blah Bklyn - Because I enjoy her pics about NYC

Candy Hearts - Because she amazes me at how she raises her T1 daughter

Delighted Momma - Because of her amazing and EASY beauty tips and paleo smoothie recipes!

I Run on Insulin - Because she's super smart about diabetes

le mei muse - Because she is my oldest cousin and I may be only a tad biased, but her photography is off the charts

Junk Gypsy Co. - Because I just discovered them through HGTV this weekend and I'm already considering quitting my job and becoming a full time junker (ok, not really. ok....maybe....)

Lisa From Scratch - Because of her quirky sense of fashion and super cute baby

mama marchand's nest - Because of her bird theme and because she makes jewelry and because she is spiritually inspiring

My Little Mustache -  Because of her adorable son, great pictures, and uplifting blog (discovered through mama marchand's blog above)

Our Diabetic Life - Because this woman is flat-out amazing with 3 of her 4 kids having T1

Our Vintage Home Love - Because I want to copy almost every single thing in their home

probablyrachel - Because she's a newlywed like me and T1 too

Six Until Me - Because she is funny and witty and I enjoy learning about living with T1 while raising a precocious child

Sweetly Voiced - Because she's T1, has a great writing style, and her kids are too cute

Tales of SWAGing - Because she's also T1, has an awesome blog layout and really, who wouldn't like that blog name??

Texting My Pancreas - Because of the imagery this blog name provides and for her awesome and ironic cartoons

The Girl with the Portable Pancreas - Because her blog introduced me to blogging about T1

The Girl's Guide to Diabetes - Because of all her helpful tips and knowledge

The Polka Dot Closet -  Because of her amazing craftiness and painting inspiration

I'll definitely be adding more as I stumble across newbies.....

Disclaimer: I read these blogs for fun and learning. I don't advocate everything they do and say on their own blogs. Any misspellings or incorrect links are my own fault. Please email me and I'll correct.

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