June 27, 2013

frenemy - and bullet points again

hiiiiii again. i promise--i'm still here. my thoughts are illogical and scattered lately, so bullet points will have to do. sorry.

not really.

here goes.

  • so as the title of this post states, i have a new frenemy. his name is hashimoto's disease. but i just like to call him hashimoto's or even just hashi's for short. because when you're talking to people who just don't know and you tack on the word "disease" either their eyes widen and they subconsciously take a step away from you or they get a very confused look on their face. either way, you have to explain.
  • and then they either still don't get it or jump in with a story about how their aunt/friend/cousin/brother's roommate's dog has that and doesn't that just make us that much more similar in life??
  • why "frenemy," you ask? well, friend because, hello i can identify you now! you're no longer a stranger! and enemy because, heck, who really WANTS you around??
  • i just had to add "frenemy" to the dictionary on here because the red squiggly line under it was driving me crazy. [yeah yeah, short trip, har-dee-har-har]
  • now har-dee-har-har is added to the dictionary too.
  • the super moon last week made people super dumb. i think most are still recovering.
  • back to my frenemy--i have my next endo appointment on the 3rd and i don't think i've ever been so excited to fight traffic and park in a parking deck in my whole life. i'm going to get on the right medicine for my frenemy and things will get better! 
  • i just have to make it until wednesday. i can do that, right? right??
  • i have to call dexcom again. i finally got another transmitter (my 3rd since Feb) that works and they sent all the correct stuff to return the other two, but they didn't send the correct stuff to return the 3 sensors that failed because of it. they sent one bio-hazard cup for one sensor. i didn't mention that they sent folded up fedex bags, one folded up sheet of instructions, and one shipping label inside of a large fedex box. times 3. maybe it cost the same to them to ship that little folded up packet in a box vs a smaller padded envelope....but that's a lot of cardboard going to the dump! also...i need a replenishment order.
  • still no word on upgrading to the new omnipod system. i think i have 2.5 boxes of pods left, so it might be a while.
  • why do people call up a place and ask for generic information then have to scramble around when the person they called has no idea what they're talking about and needs specifics? here's an example:
    me: "hello, My Company, this is me, how can i help you?"
    them: "hi, yes, i need to check the status on an order i placed last week!"
    me: "ok, sure. what was your order number?"
    them: "oh, i'm not sure, hold on--" rustling papers, a "hmmm" in there, clicking keyboard keys...
    me: trying not to breathe too loudly in their ear, hoping this conversation doesn't move much closer to that awkward silence should-i-say-something-or-wait-for-them-to-say-something-or-are-they-waiting-for-me-to-say-something?
    them: (finally) "oh, here it is! man, just so much stuff on my desk, you know? ok, it's 4500..."
    me: typetypetype "ok, well it looks like that actually delivered yesterday..."
    them: "wow, i guess i better check with receiving then. who knows where they put it! ha ha!"
    .....::awkward shared laughter::.....
    me: thinking, that's not really...funny...
    them: "ok thanks for your help! have a good day!"
    me: "you too! mmmkay, bye."
  • in similar-but-other news, when i answer the phone and its not for me, i sound like the lady from office space, "corporate accounts payable, this is nina...JUST a moment!" and sometimes i say it louder just to bug people in here....because, you know, i NEVER answer the phone and i MUST TURN IT UP TO FULL VOLUME TO MAKE SURE I HEAR IT when all along, i have been answering the phone, keeping track of who else in here does NOT answer the phone (since that's not in my job description), like EVER, and since my coworker's phone is all the way up to rock concert decibels, i figured i can hear the phone ring pretty well.
  • we need a receptionist here, can you tell?
  • i have a lot more to share, but i'm still in the whiney phase of figuring it all out in my head, so i think i'll spare y'all as much of that as possible. plus i'm hungry and its time for lunch....