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I dislike "About Me" pages that really don't tell you anything about the person you're reading about, so here is more information that you will ever want to know:

I was born in Texas and raised in Georgia. I'm technically more Southern than Northern, but I did some time in Pennsylvania a few years back (that's a story for another day) and got in touch with my Northern roots. We're Christians, so that's the real "style" I was raised. :)

Grew up fairly un-normal, as kids my age go--both because of my diabetes diagnosis and because I was, well, abnormal and still am! I was diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic at age 15 but that never held me back. I graduated from a small Christian high school with 18 others, then went to 4 different colleges before I managed to figure out what I really wanted to do and graduated (again, a story for another day that ties into my stint in PA). I've been in my current Inside Sales position for two years--it has its ups and downs, but the challenges keep me entertained and I'm rarely bored. I want to keep learning as much as I can and maybe, potentially, move up in a few years (or 5...or 6...or whenever that idea is less scary to me).

My husband and I met over 6 years ago when I returned from a summer internship position at a bed & breakfast at the beach. He was hired at my employer a few weeks after I returned. Originally when I met him, I thought he and another coworker would be perfect for each other! Little did I know, he only had eyes for me (insert loveydoveygoogly eyes here!).

Six years later, we're newlyweds with a new mortgage on a great house near my brother and sis-in-law  and new niece and not too far from both our parents. We have two fur-babies (yes, I used that term), Sophie & Yoshi. Both are troublemakers in their own ways. Sophie is about 7 and a little calmer than baby Yoshi. He's not a year old yet and is still exploring new territory every day.

Super sweet when she's conked out on her kitty-perch.
In absolutely no particular order: I love country music, reading (especially fellow bloggers), Target, coffee, my new labelmaker, Pinterest, antiquing/junking and finding new things to decorate my house with. I sometimes think I was born about 60 years too late--I love vintage and would spend every weekend visiting antique stores if I could. I like finding new uses for old things. I'm slightly crafty about 25% of the time! I have a penchant for glassware and have to refrain from buying every pretty and shiny vase I find (it's definitely the genes--blame Grandma!). I LOVE the beach and would love to own a bed & breakfast on one someday.


  1. You've summed up yourself quite nicely! ;)

  2. Very nice! I'm going to be following you and your antics closely!

  3. Yeah! I love reading blogs and you always have a way with words!

  4. The cat is cute!

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