April 4, 2013

i'm still here

I thought, huh, I haven't posted a blog in a couple weeks....

Um....it's been a month!! So....sorry bout that.

There hasn't been much new in our lives here. I've been getting used to my Dexcom mostly, so I thought I'd post a mini-review.


  • The receiver is small! It fits/hides more places.
  • Range--I can usually leave the receiver on my coffee table and do things around the house that I need to do without losing the signal.
  • The transmitter is not small, necessarily, but it is smaller than my pods. So for me, I like.
  • The alarms are plenty loud enough. I keep it on the "Normal" setting, but I usually hear it vibrate, especially in the middle of the night.
  • The sensors can go more places than my pod. Yes!
  • No batteries! I charge it every couple of days and its good to go.
  • Their customer service is pretty good.
  • There's a LOT of information that you didn't have before.
  • There's a little TOO much information. It can be overwhelming at first. I'm very glad my doctor didn't want me to start on a pump and a cgm around the same time.
  • It has a similar look to an iPod. I'm not an iFan.
  • The little tiny ledge of plastic that holds the slider that covers the charging port has broken off already. It's not a deal breaker for me as long as I don't have trouble charging it when I need to.
  • I had an issue last week with the transmitter not wanting to send the signal more than a few inches. After I talked to tech support (on a Saturday), they promised to overnight a new transmitter to me on Monday. Well, they didn't overnight it, so I had to put up with no range until Thursday, literally wearing my sensor/transmitter AND the receiver. Kind of annoying and the reason I didn't rate their customer service as excellent above.
Other than that, things look good!

I had my first doctor appointment today since starting with the Dexcom and she cautioned me to wait two hours after treating a high blood sugar reading before treating again. Two hours is too long for me. No? This is 2013! We can't create insulin that works any faster than that?? Oy.

We also talked about my thyroid and are going to be trying a couple new (to me) meds to see if they make any difference in how I feel. My numbers are all perfect, but I just don't feel any different. Who cares what numbers look like if you still feel UGH on a day to day basis, you know? It is NOT something I should have to "just deal with." I have a different brand to try for a couple weeks, and then I'll be trying an all-natural med. Hopefully this will help with some weight loss too.

Finally, I had some blood drawn for them to do lab work. As usual, my veins are shy and were hiding. Unusually, the lab tech decided not to try my other arm, no...She went for the top of my hand. OW.

war wound