January 29, 2013

adventures in paleo

It's new(ish) to us, but I know the trend has been around a while. PALEO.

Basically it's cutting out the processed c.r.a.p. that is so prevalent in our foodology today (you like that word? I think I just made it up) and eating whole, unprocessed, natural foods the way our ancestors did.  Technically, you should eat only grass-fed meats, pasture-raised chicken/eggs, yada yada. . . but we can't quite do that yet.

Last February I quit drinking sodas cold turkey and starting drinking only water and coffee during the day. There was a short period where I drank some all-natural soda, but after a couple months, I didn't even like it anymore. I couldn't stand the taste.

(Do whatever research you want, it all shows that soda is bad for you. Bottom line is--it will contribute to your declining health if you continue to drink it and there are absolutely NO downsides to quitting it.)

So anyways, I'm done with that and I don't miss it at all. I'm not even tempted by the "icy cold refreshment" at the checkout line at the grocery store. Or the "drink this and you'll be cool like this supermodel/athlete/popstar/person-of-the-moment" ads with not-so-subliminal messages on TV. I'm not going to apologize for tooting my own horn here. If you quit, I'll toot your horn too!

Maybe that came out wrong. . . but you get the point!

Then last fall, the hubs and I started really trying to cut out junk food. Sugary treats are out (much to my donut-loving husband's dismay); extra carbs for me are out-- and I've already seen an effect on my blood sugars (not assisted by my doctor's admonition to "eat more fruit!")--and I've added a Green Pastures brand fermented cod liver oil supplement to my daily regimen (no, it does not taste like anything, for you Pickies out there).

I'm definitely not saying we're perfect at this yet. It's a journey. A long, long journey. We still have nights where the hubs and I look at each other and can tell that we both need a chocolate fix. I get a little discouraged when my blood sugar tanks and the only thing I can do to get it back in the safe zone is fruit juice. (Or chalk-o tablets--bleeeeeck.)
But will this journey be worth it? You bet your sweet, sugary, soda-butt it will. Some journey's in life we don't get to choose, but everyone can choose to have better health. (Preachy much? Maybe. But if you're offended, then you most definitely need to hear it. In fact, read it all again. Then go do your own research and take a long hard look at your lifestyle.)

Here are some other things we've tried:
  • roasted eggplant {fail}
  • roasted cauliflower {epic success--J even tried it with some chipotle seasoning last time. Yum!}
  • spaghetti squash {just last night, actually--success!}
  • "ice cream" {fail--so far only one attempt was made. I'm looking forward to my next attempt, because this has potential!}
  • zucchini bites {success! They're even better the next day!}
  • bone broth {this one is not as cut & dry, but I would rate it a success}
 Through my mom, I discovered Practical Paleo and read it through almost in one sitting. This book is great! We're not ready to attempt one of the 30 Day Meal Plans yet, but we'll be working our way through the recipes. My next "to do" is baconaise. . . .

I'm reading labels. I've tossed several things in our pantry or fridge that just weren't good for us (sorry honey, but not really :) ). I've put several things back on the shelf at the grocery store, even things I used to always buy, because I realized there were things & chemicals in it that I don't really want to ingest. Basically, if the ingredients list is longer than the nutrition facts, don't buy it. And if you don't know what an ingredient is, it's probably not good for you so don't buy it. Simple.

I've also discovered a lot of information on the Weston A Price Foundation website. There are probably hundreds of articles on there about every health topic imaginable. There are sections devoted to women's health, men's health, children's health, dentistry, obesity, homeopathy, etc. I won't tell you everything because I think you should discover for yourself.

A few things that are helpful for me {and you!} to keep in mind:
  1. Your body will take time to heal naturally. It won't be fixed overnight. Our quick-fix, immediate-gratification culture does not understand this and it takes time to change this mindset! 
  2. What works for someone else might not work for you! That being said, don't give up on the whole idea just because one thing doesn't work! It is a p.r.o.c.e.s.s. Say it with me class, "PROCESS!" Grains don't work for me right now. But if you can eat natural, organic grains then go for it. Yogurt is working for me right now. But if you can't tolerate dairy, don't eat/drink it because *I* said it's good for you. If you haven't liked a vegetable in the past, find a new recipe for it and try it again. I didn't think I would like cauliflower or spaghetti squash either. Figure it out for yourself. Which kind of leads me to point #3. . . 
  3. Do not depend on others. to. tell. you. anything. This means everyone from your doctor (ESPECIALLY!) to your parents to your spouse. Do your own research, apply the gray matter that God gave you between your ears, and be smart. Do not take anything at face value in this world or you will be in for a lot of hurt. Be continually devoted to learning. You might not always like what you learn and it will most likely be hard to apply to your life but why wouldn't you want to know? Why wouldn't you want to be the best you can be? (I'm seeing a huge parallel to our spiritual walk here.) Bottom line, as a Christian, we are called to that.
I know this is kind of a long post, but I hope something I've said here will inspire someone to start their own journey. Even if you don't decide to start a paleo journey like we have, I hope some of the links and websites I've shared will help you find answers.

(In other news, I started this post about 11 a.m. this morning and it's now almost 4 p.m. Work much??)

January 17, 2013


Perhaps this is why the USPS has had financial difficulties as of late.

I never officially took a Geography class, but I know my states. I know cardinal directions. And I'm pretty sure that when you're coming south from Rhode Island, you'll cross the Georgia state line before you get into Florida.

And traveling north from Florida, you'll cross the Georgia state line long, LONG before you make it back to New Hampshire.

Apparently my package wanted a tour of the eastern seaboard.

This is why I prefer UPS.

How many people have put their hands on my package already? Or how many machines has it passed through that can't read a barcode? Waste of time and money.

I'm fully expecting it to be completely unusable when it finally --if ever-- arrives.

January 10, 2013

the appointment

My doctor's appointment yesterday went. . . fine. Not superb and not horrible. Just fine.

Nothing bad. Just no new information and nothing really helpful.

I saw the actual-factual doctor instead of my normal PA because she is still on maternity leave. Thankfully, she'll be back by the time my next appointment rolls around in April.

The lab tech couldn't find a vein. So instead of trying the other arm (which, to be honest, I told her would probably not be any better) she dug for one. Yeah. Awesome. Surprisingly I do not have a huge bruise and consequently look like a drug user today. In semi-related news, I was chosen for a random drug test at work yesterday morning.

Two labs in one day? A new record for me!

Other things:

  • What is with the short sleeve sweaters this year? I had the hardest time finding winter wear that would actually keep me warm. . . .and now it is 60+ degrees outside.
  • I possibly have the cutest niece in the history of ever.
  • I believe the "research" paper I had planned on writing to my insurance company to help my case for coverage of a Dexcom system is back on.
  • Does anyone else have THIS in their closet?

January 2, 2013


I've been gone a while, huh? Thanksgiving to Christmas is always a busy time for everyone, but we really weren't that busy. We had one Christmas party to attend early in December and then of course the various and random visits to parents and in-laws around Christmas day and New Years. I guess I've just been lazy!

Everyone is blogging about the new year and their new goals--most people are refusing to call them "resolutions" though. The word "goal" seems a little more forgiving and lenient for if/when you fall short of what you set out to do.

I haven't made any new ones. Mine are a continuation of last years that really didn't even start until February-ish. ;)

Although now that I think back on it, last year's goals may have been a continuation from the year before that. Or actually, the year before THAT since 2011 was kind of distracting with a new house and wedding and all that jazz!

My biggest goal is to get my insurance to cover a Dexcom system for me. The third party who reviewed my appeal last year stated that I did not have enough middle of the night lows to justify my insurance coverage for the system.

(Apparently that is all she thinks a Dex is good for.)

She also stated I could achieve better control on my own.
Number one: she obviously does NOT have diabetes herself;
Number two: she may be an endo, but she might not be the most up-to-speed on the newest technology;
Number three: middle of the night lows are scary and so so so annoying! Why should I have to put myself through that to "prove" I need something?
Number four: this past year I have had the best control I have had in a long, long time. Her telling me it wasn't good enough is like a slap in the face (see Number one).

I have my first endo appointment of the year next week. We'll see how that goes. I'm meeting with a new doctor since my previous PA is on maternity leave for another few weeks. I'm a little nervous about meeting her and if our personalities will mesh well. But the good news is that it will probably be the only time I have to meet with her.

This Christmas was my first with my Omnipod and even though I ate drastically fewer sweets than in previous years, it still felt like too much after cutting out almost all of them in months prior. I burned through pods/insulin faster than normal because of the junk I ate. I burned through my last pod a full 24 hours early and had to change out this morning. Fun.

So no more wasting money burning through pods & insulin! Fewer carbs! A good doctor visit! And a happy new year!