January 10, 2013

the appointment

My doctor's appointment yesterday went. . . fine. Not superb and not horrible. Just fine.

Nothing bad. Just no new information and nothing really helpful.

I saw the actual-factual doctor instead of my normal PA because she is still on maternity leave. Thankfully, she'll be back by the time my next appointment rolls around in April.

The lab tech couldn't find a vein. So instead of trying the other arm (which, to be honest, I told her would probably not be any better) she dug for one. Yeah. Awesome. Surprisingly I do not have a huge bruise and consequently look like a drug user today. In semi-related news, I was chosen for a random drug test at work yesterday morning.

Two labs in one day? A new record for me!

Other things:

  • What is with the short sleeve sweaters this year? I had the hardest time finding winter wear that would actually keep me warm. . . .and now it is 60+ degrees outside.
  • I possibly have the cutest niece in the history of ever.
  • I believe the "research" paper I had planned on writing to my insurance company to help my case for coverage of a Dexcom system is back on.
  • Does anyone else have THIS in their closet?

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