June 15, 2012

Homemade Toothpaste Update & More

I wanted to post an update about how my homemade toothpaste is going.
I used most of the first batch I made, got tired of trying to squeeze the uncooperative "paste" out of a plastic baggie, and so found a good reason to toss the little remaining when I googled and found this method.

1 cup baking soda
five good shakes of rock salt (sorry, not very precise)
20 drops of essential oil (I used spearmint and accidentally got about 20.5 drops, but whatever)

I mixed all this in a ziploc baggie really well and just set it on my counter. When I go to brush my teeth, I just wet the toothbrush, stick it in the powder, and brushbrushbrush. It feels a little funny in your mouth at first until you get it all worked in, but my teeth feel clean all day. I rinse with a little Tom's fluoride-free and alcohol-free mouthwash. Super clean and minty fresh.

That same night, I decided to attempt a homemade, natural deodorant since the natural ones I was using just haven't been cutting it. I found a couple recipes by Crunchy Betty and decided to use this one, mostly because I didn't have any beeswax to try this one. (Mental note: buy beeswax!)

It all came together pretty nicely. I washed out my old deodorant container to use for the homemade stuff. I had extra liquid, so it got poured in a baggie.
Bad idea. After I let it set up in the fridge overnight (it's 77 in our house, so the coconut oil wouldn't have solidified if I had left it out) I discovered my error. The old deo container I have won't actually push the stuff up as you twist the bottom. Rats. So I broke off a chunk and now I stand at the fridge in the morning rubbing on my deodorant.

What a weirdo.

But hey! It's working pretty well! I'm only on day 2. I haven't been working outside in the disgusting heat or anything--with the other natural "deodorants" I would be sweating and stinking just from sitting in my office all day.
So far, so good.

I found a couple treasures at a local Goodwill-type store today. I'm excited to get them cleaned up and painted so I can blog about them.

I sat and figured out my sewing machine last night. The bobbin case was giving me fits. I got some thread on it just fine, but I could. not. get it back in the machine. Finally I text my mom and asked when she could come over and help me. Don't you know---THEN it decided to cooperate!

The evil bobbin case...

I'll finish with some cuteness to start off your weekend.

Now I'm wondering...what color do I want to paint this room??

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