June 9, 2012

Mission: Saturday Mini-Project

The other day on my lunch hour, I popped over to one of my favorite little antique stores. There's really only two good antique stores in our town and each has different types of antiques. I had some inspiration from Pinterest and I'd even gone so far as to make a list on my phone of things I wanted to keep an eye out for.

So with too many ideas clonking around in my brain, I wasn't really expecting to find anything (cause that's how it goes--if you didn't have any ideas, you'd be able to find TONS of stuff and not be able to justify your purchases because, what would you DO with that??).

Slight correction: I wasn't really expecting to find anything budget-friendly that I could take with me and not have to get the husband to come back for with his truck.

Imagine my surprise when I found these beauties tucked in a random corner of a booth!

Please excuse Madam during her nap.

The large one has a nice green patina. The bottom left corner had some dried spackle but a few swipes with a wire brush removed most of it.
The more ornate one had a print of Victorian ladies taped into it. With masking tape. Buh-bye Victorian ladies.
For the oval one, I wanted to hang it by the wire, but I didn't want some ugly nail showing.

Here's the wall I wanted to hang them on. To the left, out of the picture, is our front door. The door to the basement is directly opposite this wall.

A tiny bit of jury-rigging on the ornate frame - it kept falling off the nail, so my hubby drilled some holes for the eyelet screws that we then threaded wire through - and a stop at Hobby Lobby for my awesome little knob and here's the end result!

Looks great!

J was pretty confused at the decorative concept of hanging empty vintage frames on a wall ("You're not putting anything in them??") but I think he gets it now. Also....we agreed the upstairs is mine to decorate and he gets the shop, man cave, and garage. So there's that.

Slight art deco influence, I think.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to put a word of welcome in the larger frame. Maybe a vinyl wall sticker of a pineapple. Anybody have any ideas?

So that was my fun Saturday mini-project.

My original Saturday plan was to refinish my mirror....but I tore up the house looking for the paint and silver leafing kit I'd bought a couple years ago to use and I couldn't find it! I know it's here somewhere....

I have no idea how old this mirror is. Mom said it's an antique. In my earliest recollection, it was baby blue. Bless her for allowing me to paint it this color in my yellow phase. But it needs serious updating. It needs to go in my bedroom above my dresser. Needs.

Nosy-pants HAS to see what Mom is doing! I think she's actually posing.

And I'm hoping to finish another project tomorrow.

I decided to paint this wall in our closet, behind the door. The previous owner left an ugly corkboard there--who puts a corkboard in their closet?? (Ok, maybe a BIG walk-in closet may have need for one...not ours. I had to hold the clothes back with my elbows in order to get the majority of the board in the picture!)
And I have several hooks I want to use to hang J's belts, maybe his ties, and a few necklaces that I wear frequently. There's no room for shelving.

Here's the before:

Stay tuned for the after, hopefully Monday!

(Only three and a half weeks until we travel north to see family in Lancaster, PA! There's some GOOD antiquing in that area! I can't wait to see what I can find!)


  1. I L.O.V.E. the frames!! You'll have to help me find some treasures like these when you come up to visit! :)


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