May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

28 today. I don't feel 28. Is that good or bad? Both probably.
I believe my birthday was also on a Thursday in 1984 too....
No big plans. Lunch today with Mom. I already got my new windchimes that I wanted for the front porch (66% off at Hobby Lobby meant I couldn't pass them up) and J is going to clean my car this weekend for me.

Then on my day off on Monday, I "get" to make him King Ranch Chicken for his birthday next Saturday. Which is fine, I just have to borrow my brother's big stock pot because I don't think my little pot will cook an entire chicken without overflowing. OR I might try to find a whole chicken already cut up and just cook it that way. We'll see.

In other news, I washed my face with oil for the first time in the shower this morning. It definitely felt really oily as I was rinsing, but once I got out and dried off, it was already soaking in and leaving my skin nice and smooth. The makeup went on easily as well. I'm definitely liking this.

I had bought a small bottle of jojoba oil, but I think I will mix it with coconut oil and some tea tree oil in a travel sized spray bottle that I got yesterday. That'll make it easier to use in the shower and to spray on my legs and arms afterwards. The razor burn on my legs just above my knees are already healing from the 2 times I've used the jojoba oil. Yay!

Next up...homemade toothpaste. I'm OUT of the salt toothpaste I was using and I hadn't tried to make any because I wasn't sure what container to put it in. This morning it hit me--snip a teeny corner off of a ziploc bag! That way I can still squeeze it out, but won't have a open container of baking soda mixture sitting on the counter for bugs to fall in...extra protein, but EW! So! Mixing this up tonight and we'll see how it goes.

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