May 29, 2012

Happy Back to Work Day

Or not so happy, as the case may be.
I managed to sleep in yesterday until ten thirty, despite having to get up and change out the pod. It started beeping at 4 a.m. and I finally got up to change it somewhere close to 6 a.m. I really thought I'd have more time than that, but when I dragged myself out of bed again to acknowledge the beeps, it told me I had 9 units left. I decided to just do a quick change out so I could sleep.

That was probably the fastest new pod change I've done ever and I'm quite impressed with myself that I managed to do it successfully in my uncaffeinated state. I also moved my site from my left arm to my stomach, so once I crawled back in bed, I was happily able to roll onto my left side, my favorite position.

I had also finally made the decision to go ahead and get the Dexcom. I haven't heard back from the rep in a week and a half, so I emailed him again last night. It shouldn't take that long to get my paperwork together, right? It was already mostly together to begin with. Send me my machine already!! I'm also excited about the $200 rebate that is in effect until the end of June. I think that will bring my cost to around $100.

Last week was fairly slow at work and I'm not expecting this week to be much different--I could be wrong. It's been known to happen! It's fairly tense around here today though, and it's irritating to not be able to guess why.

On the schedule for this week: 1. get my car tag renewed (long story, grr...) 2. GET OUR PASSPORTS SENT OFF!!

We have 131 days until we leave on our big family cruise and I'm pretty excited. My main task for June (after getting the passports mailed off) is to figure out our flights and travel schedule. Airfare is ridiculous anymore. I'm constantly worried that the prices will keep going up and that I should have purchased our tickets when costs were low....but will they go even lower closer to our date?? I'm glad we're not driving the entire way, but I'll feel a lot better once our tickets are bought and flights are confirmed.

The homemade toothpaste I created works pretty well. I just have to keep the baggie sitting in a certain position so it won't leak from the cut off corner or the seal at the top. It was fairly soupy when I finished, but it's been getting a little more paste-like as the days pass. I rinse with a Tom's mouthwash I found on sale at Big Lots several months ago. My teeth feel squeaky clean and I will never buy toothpaste again. Now to convince J.
I am still washing my face with oil and I believe my skin is looking better and better. Yesterday, when reading this post by Jillee about homemade deodorant, I thought about mixing up some of my own. But once in the shower, I looked at my little spray bottle of oil and thought, why not? So...a little spritz under each arm in the shower. I was really, REALLY surprised. No odor at all after 8 hours. Amazing. Even the natural deodorants couldn't do that. I was a little peeved at them. I don't mind sweating, but I don't want to stink! But this oil mixture is the perfect solution. I'll definitely keep using it.

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