July 27, 2012


Thursday, about 12:30 a.m. my pdm went off. I knew I was due for a pod change, so I'd taken it into the bedroom with me.

"Change pod now. 8 units remaining." (Or something like that. Hey, I was half asleep!)

I hit the "OK" button and went back to sleep. 8 units would get me a few more hours.

4 a.m. it went off again. This time it was flashing "LOW" at me, without a specific number.

Huge sigh.

Roll off bed. Grab glasses. Shove them on my face. Stumble to living room. No extra lights needed, kitchen light over the sink is enough.

Yank open drawer of the dresser where I keep all my supplies. Grab replacement pod. Three attempts to shove drawer back in, make a mental note to rub a bar of soap on the drawers. Later.

Sit on couch, push buttons, yank old pod off of my right arm. Fill new pod with insulin. Push more buttons. Wait. Rub left arm with alcohol swab. Beep from machine. Smack on new pod. More button pushing.

Wait again.



Click. THWACK! Check site. Clear, good. Push button. Stumble back to bed.

Remind my body not to turn over onto my left side. Snuggle up on my right side for the first time in 3 nights.


Fast forward to about 8 p.m. Thursday night. Our little Yoshi is running around the living room. He has so much energy. Of course, being 9 (10???) weeks old, that's kind of expected. I'm trying to eat something because I'm starving and my sugar was 46. How does THAT even happen??

I felt it a little, but NOT like normal. Juicy juice to the rescue. Commence eating pizza quesadilla.

Yoshi keeps attempting to scale Sophie's cat perch. She's getting fed up with him, so I'm attempting to allow him to run around, while diverting his fast-as-lightning attempts to get to her. This entails me standing guard in front of it, swooping down to catch him and turn him around. He's running so fast and I catch him so fast that his little feet keep running in the air as I turn him.

Unfortunately, one of those times, I hit my left arm--exactly where my pod is stationed--on the corner of one of the perches. Sophie laughs.

Ok, she didn't, but I assume she would've. She's mean like that sometimes.

"CRAP!" At first I think I just hit it straight on, but after turning around to look, I can see that the adhesive has pulled up at the top and I can see down underneath the pod. I can fit my index finger in it and feel the cannula has pulled out.

Loud sigh. Replace. More beeping, pushing buttons, click, click, click, THWACK! Use the needle to suck the insulin out of the old pod, shoot it back into the vial for use another day.


Another fast forward to about 10 p.m. I'm about to go to bed, standing in the bathroom making faces in the mirror...yes, that's kind of normal for me. All of a sudden.....


You get the idea.

"RAWER!!!" (Yes, I say RAWER. I channel baby dinosaurs when I get mad) Now I'm really frustrated. The new pod, number 2 of the day, is malfunctioning.

BACK out to the living room. Nothing on the pdm. How is the pod alarming and there's no helpful information on the pdm?

I make J shine the flashlight on his phone down onto the pod to see if he can see the cannula. "Yeah, I see it. It's in your skin."

Phooey on you, pod! I hit the ok on the machine and it tells me: "Pod deactivated."

WHAT?? Whyyyyyyyy?? Whiney voice. I pull it off and then I can see it's majorly kinked. Like, almost in half.

Third pod. Buttons. Beeping. I think I'll try my stomach again. Left side, lower than normal. Clicks. Done. BED.

Mental note....no rolling over onto my left side tonight.

So, an accomplished day. I wasted 2 pods. Woo-hoo.

What did YOU do on your Thursday??

On a better note, I'm finally going to get to trial the Dex. I go to my CDE on the 7th to have her put it on me (I'd like to attempt that myself, but whatevs), then back to the doc on the 14th to have her go over my results with me. Hopefully (and I can't believe I'm saying this) I'll have some lows that I can catch before them become Lows or even LOWS. But I'm more excited about catching the spikes. I hate spikes.

I have a feeling my week is going to look like this:


That wouldn't be so bad if it were the stitching I wanted to do on my sewing machine....instead of my sugar levels....

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  1. Hey Jessica, happy belated 11/5 anniversary. I thought this was going to be a post on how you got drunk, not used up 2 pods, I am guessing you would rather have been drunk....Diabetes Sucks!

    Thanks for stopping by



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